Behavioral Health

Supporting the Full Spectrum of Treatment and Recovery

Navis Clinical Laboratories offers laboratory testing and adherence monitoring tools that provide actionable insights to help improve outcomes and more effectively manage substance use disorder and treatment. 

Our solutions support evidence-based treatment recommendations and transform often-fragmented treatment protocols into a more effective recovery program, which saves you and your staff time while helping to facilitate better outcomes.

Navis Clinical is one of the only healthcare companies offering a complete solution tailored for addiction treatment providers, including substance use disorder (SUD), opioid use disorder (OUD) and methadone and suboxone maintenance. 

Solutions for Opioid and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

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Laboratory results management reports allow you to easily monitor your testing protocols, testing frequency and positivity trends to help you offer better care for your patients.

Extensive Drug Testing Menu

Testing is available for more than 180 metabolites and parent drugs.

Low-level Buprenorphine Testing with Oral Fluid

100x lower cutoff buprenorphine testing reliably detects buprenorphine in oral fluid specimens. An ideal testing method for addiction medicine because it doesn’t require a specialized collection facility and collections are non-invasive and observed, minimizing the potential for sample adulteration.


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