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Navis Clinical Laboratories is Proud to be the Preferred Lab Partner of Oregon Council For Behavioral Health (OCBH)

Navis Clinical Laboratories, provides innovative solutions for clinicians, organizations and payers involved with substance use disorder, chronic pain and behavioral and mental health conditions.

A leader in quality standards, Navis Clinical offers laboratory testing solutions and adherence monitoring tools that provide actionable insights that help clinicians more effectively manage treatment protocols. Navis Clinical is dedicated to helping to improve patient
outcomes, support harm reduction and optimize quality of life.

How Can Navis Help You?

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Why Choose Navis Clinical Laboratories?


Favorable to individual contract options.


Clinical insights analytics suite that combines lab test ordering and test results with detailed trend reports.


Delivers customized reports to help providers make informed treatment decisions to ensure patient safety and help improve patient outcomes.

Supporting The Full Spectrum Of Treatment And Recovery

Substance Use Disorder

Behavioral Health

Mental Health

Patients with substance use disorder have unique medical situations and commonly have one or more acute or chronic comorbidities that go undiagnosed throughout their treatment and recovery. Our solutions support evidence-based treatment recommendations and transform often-fragmented treatment protocols into a more effective recovery program. Additionally, the integration of molecular and clinical blood testing with toxicology testing can help clinicians diagnose co-occurring conditions, including HIV, hepatitis, STIs and antibiotic resistant infection. Utilizing all three testing modalities throughout SUD treatment elevates patient care resulting in better outcomes and overall health

Navis Clinical is one of the only laboratories to offer a complete solution tailored for healthcare providers who treat patients with substance use disorder, chronic pain, mental health conditions and other chronic health conditions.

About OCBH

OCBH’s focus is to promote, develop, and maintain the highest quality community programs and services for the treatment of problems related to behavioral health and to promote the recovery of Oregonians with substance use disorder and/or psychiatric disabilities.


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