CORE Steady-State Oral Fluid Testing

Increase Your Visibility Into Prescription Adherence With Steady-State Oral Fluid Testing

CORE (Comprehensive Oral Fluid Rx Evaluation) is the first patient-monitoring tool to use saliva samples to provide insights to providers if medication is present at a level consistent with the prescribed dosing regimen.  

Until CORE, most providers were not able to distinguish between patients taking only some of their medication and patients taking their medications as prescribed, or if there are metabolic or health issues that need more investigation.

Data released in 2018 illustrates the difference between traditional drug testing and CORE testing.*

From a traditional testing perspective, 80.9% of samples tested were classified as positive for the prescribed opioid, meaning the medication was present in the patient’s system at the time of collection.

However, when the same samples were tested using CORE, only 35.5% of patient results fell within the expected range, or at a level consistent with the prescribed dosing regimen. The other 44.9% of patients who tested as expected with the traditional test were found to be below (15.4%) or above (29.9%) their expected range using CORE.

*Analysis of 4,248 CORE tests performed nationwide; July 2015–Oct 2018

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